The Best Tips On How To Choose The Right Safety Razor Blades For Men


So finally you’ve decided to take a bold, smart move and start using a safety razor blade. But you have found out that it’s not easy to choose a new wet-shaver, right? The good news is, even the experienced shavers usually have this problem. So you’re not alone.

Doing deep research and even exercising what the wet shaver gurus online are doing seems to confuse even more and more. at least that’s how I felt when I started using safety razor blades.

Using a safety razor blade helps knockdown that beard with fewer passes which end up giving you fewer bumps, redness, and irritation. Additionally, it helps you save money as the replaceable cost is less compared to that of disposable cartridges.

However, deciding on a safety blade depends on the personal choice, there is no catch in that. There is a higher probability that you may not get the right one the first time and you may spend time and money before landing on THE ONE. But if you do get it, it will become your preferred choice all the time.

Here are some tips you can use and try to find the right safety razor blades for men.

1. Look at what edge the safety razor has.

There are basically two types of edges you’ll have to choose from;


The first one is the SINGLE EDGE safety razor. They are a bit uncommon and rare to find this day. If you are in need of one you
might be required to look at the various vintage markets.

It has a single blade edge as the name suggests and works with disposable blades. They are uncommon because people transitioned from single-edged blades to cartridge razors

In the single edge razors, the blade is thicker and demands aggressive shaving compared to the double-edged razors. However, it gives you the closest shave you can ever get.

The second one is double-edged razors. They have two razors which are usually identical and have almost the same functions.

They give you the flexibility of using both sides which results to half rinse time compared to single-edged blades. They are not as sharp as the single-edged razors hence are safer to use as a newbie.

2. Do a deep research on the best available brands.

Some of the current sharp razor manufacturers have been there for over a century. Two world-known German manufacturers that you can research one are Doro Solingen and Muehle.

3. Price matters.

You should expect to spend somewhere from $20 to $300 for the sharp razors. However, as a newbie, you shouldn’t let the price fool
you. Do not decide to take on the most expensive razors, start with the moderate priced ones, try for a few months as you progress to upgrade to the expensive ones depending on your experience with them.

4. Consider the razor heads.

There are two types you can choose from, the adjustable ones and the one with a stable razor head.

The good thing with the adjustable one is that you can set the aggressive level of the razor when shaving.

5. The handle of the sharp safety razor blade.

You should look at the comfortability, in terms of the weight and length of the handle. You can also consider the material of the handle.

6. Maintenance requirements.

This is not a major important aspect to look at since almost all the razor blades require to be well rinsed and dried after a shave. However, you should ensure the blade lock area is also clean when storing. For an optimal shaving, choose quality straight razors.

Hopefully, with the above tips in mind, you will be able to choose a suitable safety razor for you. Once you find it, there will be less pressure and worry on the results it will have on you since you already trust the brand no matter what.