I Bought A Cool Tricycle, Here’s My Review

I bought this for myself to learn how to ride a bike as I never learned as a child. I had been searching for a good beginner bike for a while now, and this one is exactly what I needed. Unlike other adult tricycles I’ve seen online it’s not childish or tacky, so I didn’t feel embarrassed taking it out to the park to practice my skills. Also, since it has three wheels it’s super stable, so I managed to gain confidence pretty quickly. I have yet to move on to a two wheeler, but honestly I don’t even know if I want to.. this bike does the perfect job already, and like I said it’s not tacky so I’m not ashamed to ride it out on the street.

I absolutely love the basket in the back, it’s really handy as it’s fairly large so I can keep quite a lot of my stuff in there. I would say it’s about twice the size of a regular hand shopping basket you see in a grocery store. I’ve started riding the bike to work in the morning so I always have my case and my lunch in there, and so far nothing has ever fallen out!

The bike is quite large so if you are shorter than 5’0 like me, buy the 16 inch model. The seat is adjustable and I use it on the lowest level. It also has a quick release which is handy for when someone wants to borrow the bike and needs the seat to be higher; I don’t need to mess around with the seat for ages afterwards, just one press of a button sets it back to how I want it. Also, the seat is really good, it takes me around an hour to get to work when riding it and it hasn’t hurt me or been uncomfortable at all.

The frame is really sturdy so I’m sure it will last me for many years to come. Since you can fold the bike, I can easily hop onto the bus or the subway if I can’t be bothered to deal with traffic or if it’s raining. It also makes the bike really easy to store and move around. I live on the third floor of an apartment complex, and don’t trust the area enough to leave the bike down at street level so I just fold it up and carry it up to my apartment. You can also take the front wheel off pretty easily if you need it to be even more compact.

Assembling the bike didn’t take too long, I had the help of a friend and we got it done in about half an hour. The instructions were pretty straightforward, but if you’re a bit useless at building things and setting things up like I am, then definitely get someone to help you out!

I think for the price point this is a very good bike, and I would definitely recommend it to both beginners and more seasoned riders, you won’t regret it!

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