Generac 7043 Home Standby Generator Review

One of the largest air-cooled home generators available on the market, the Guardian generator provides the buyer with all the features that are required in a generator, in addition to an MSRP which gives the lowest possible cost per kilowatt of all air-cooled home standby generators currently available on the market.

The Guardian generator has its many perks. Using the 200-amp NEMA 3R mart switch, it provides the whole house with protection. It also comes with a 5-year warranty.

The Guardian generator comes with a built-in G-Force engine. This is a very vital component of the whole system. It allows the generator to run for days and weeks at a time. The G-Force engine is made up of Automatic Compression Release (ACR) which diminishes drain upon the battery, a robust and durable engine starter designed for up to 10,000 starts, a pressure lubrication device allowing oil to be immediately available for the start of the engine, a heat management device which runs the cooler with a large surface area to maximize heat rejection for extended use, cold smart technology which monitors ambient temperatures to allow the warming up of the engine before taking on the load for cold conditions and finally, a thermal safety switch which can shut down the engine and stimulate an alarm in the event of sub-optimal temperatures. This allows for the aversion of engine failure from excessive heat.

A lot of systems have a problem with the noise they emit. Not so with Guardian generator, as it is equipped with a Quiet-Test Self-Test Mode, which runs at a decreased RPM, which makes the generator a lot quieter and less needing of fuel. The generator is also coated with a RhinoCoat powder-coated finish that enables corrosion-resistant aluminium to perform optimally no matter the weather conditions.

The Guardian generator also comes fully equipped with features which simplify performance tracking for the buyer. The Generac’s Evolution Controller has a multilingual LCD display which enables customers to keep an eye on battery status and track maintenance intervals to give an overview of the operating condition of the generator. But you don’t need to be at home to be aware of the status of the generator. The Mobile Link Remote Monitoring gives the buyer the option of monitoring the generator status wherever they go through devices such as tablets, smartphones and PCs. You are able to access information including current operating status and the maintenance schedule of the generator.

The Guardian generator comes at a price of around $4,899 and has a rating of 4.9/5, with users praising its effectiveness, quiet running and easy start up. Another important factor for buyers is that the generator has given them a peace of mind should there be any event where the power is cut. One user even stated that neighbors are keen to come to their house should there be an event, that’s how much the product is trusted.

Given the robust running processes of the Guardian generator and the high rating given by customers, this is a product certainly worth considering.