A Walk-Through On The Best TV Comedy Series

What is the best treatment for any form of sadness? You can take pills or cry like a little girl, but watching a funny comedy works much better and comes without any side effects involved, except for hysterical laughter. Okay, however sad you might be, there is an old method that can help you out – a cozy couch, a plateful of nachos, and your favorite tv comedy series. If you need some advice on what’s on today, there is a list of the best comedy tv series adored by people all over the world.


As the name suggests, “Friends” is all about friendship, and of course about love, career, big city life, and innumerable hilarious dialogues. Indeed, the scenery changes, people come in and go out. But there are things in this life that remain the same regardless of the circumstances, and one of those things is what we call friendship that was perfectly personified by six fellows in this popular series that has already turned into the symbol of the nineties. The best choice if you feel lonely and lost!

Monty Python and his team

If you are depressed, you would need some heavy ordnance like Monty Python and his team. The craziest sketches for the most hardcore British humor fans will make you feel like killing yourself laughing. Watching this series you won’t be able to think about anything else except the action on the screen, and that’s exactly what we are aimed at.

The Big Bang Theory

These guys have proven that “smart is the new sexy,” and geeks all over the world say their big thanks for that. Four geeky friends share the apartments, grind away at their books and use their neighbor Penny’s help to improve their social connections.

Two And A Half Men

This series has everything you need when you are angry and upset: the lack of morals, tons of witty dialogues, sarcastic remarks, and side-splitting situations. Charlie, a middle-aged jingle-writer is an easy rider; he always gets what he wants. He’s rich, popular, adored by women, and has no commitments, unlike his brother Alan tied with debts and misfortunes. Or you can say thank you for your not being as unhappy and sneaky as Alan and relax.

Watching this television series that everyone should properly enjoy. Sometimes it is easy to start a new television series and not get the full experience the show has to offer. It is just a show, so what all can you possibly miss? There are some ways that you can fail to get the complete glamour of this top tv series. Below is some short guideline to ensure you have the viewing experience of your favorite tv series.

Start watching from the start till the end part-With the tech and internet nowadays you can always watch, skip episodes which are recommended by others.

Always pay close attention to characters development-This best tv series are the ones in which you forget that you are watching something fictional and give the show a sense of reality. In reality, people change in multiple ways. Some people mature as time goes on, and some people change the way that they due to prior events.

Of course, this is not the full list of the best tv series. Nevertheless, we had to choose something out of the list, and these four series appeared to be the best ones not only to us but millions of viewers from all over the world. Someone call the ambulance and tell them we don’t need them here anymore!