The Best Tips On How To Choose The Right Safety Razor Blades For Men


So finally you’ve decided to take a bold, smart move and start using a safety razor blade. But you have found out that it’s not easy to choose a new wet-shaver, right? The good news is, even the experienced shavers usually have this problem. So you’re not alone.

Doing deep research and even exercising what the wet shaver gurus online are doing seems to confuse even more and more. at least that’s how I felt when I started using safety razor blades.

Using a safety razor blade helps knockdown that beard with fewer passes which end up giving you fewer bumps, redness, and irritation. Additionally, it helps you save money as the replaceable cost is less compared to that of disposable cartridges.

However, deciding on a safety blade depends on the personal choice, there is no catch in that. There is a higher probability that you may not get the right one the first time and you may spend time and money before landing on THE ONE. But if you do get it, it will become your preferred choice all the time.

Here are some tips you can use and try to find the right safety razor blades for men.

1. Look at what edge the safety razor has.

There are basically two types of edges you’ll have to choose from;


The first one is the SINGLE EDGE safety razor. They are a bit uncommon and rare to find this day. If you are in need of one you
might be required to look at the various vintage markets.

It has a single blade edge as the name suggests and works with disposable blades. They are uncommon because people transitioned from single-edged blades to cartridge razors

In the single edge razors, the blade is thicker and demands aggressive shaving compared to the double-edged razors. However, it gives you the closest shave you can ever get.

The second one is double-edged razors. They have two razors which are usually identical and have almost the same functions.

They give you the flexibility of using both sides which results to half rinse time compared to single-edged blades. They are not as sharp as the single-edged razors hence are safer to use as a newbie.

2. Do a deep research on the best available brands.

Some of the current sharp razor manufacturers have been there for over a century. Two world-known German manufacturers that you can research one are Doro Solingen and Muehle.

3. Price matters.

You should expect to spend somewhere from $20 to $300 for the sharp razors. However, as a newbie, you shouldn’t let the price fool
you. Do not decide to take on the most expensive razors, start with the moderate priced ones, try for a few months as you progress to upgrade to the expensive ones depending on your experience with them.

4. Consider the razor heads.

There are two types you can choose from, the adjustable ones and the one with a stable razor head.

The good thing with the adjustable one is that you can set the aggressive level of the razor when shaving.

5. The handle of the sharp safety razor blade.

You should look at the comfortability, in terms of the weight and length of the handle. You can also consider the material of the handle.

6. Maintenance requirements.

This is not a major important aspect to look at since almost all the razor blades require to be well rinsed and dried after a shave. However, you should ensure the blade lock area is also clean when storing. For an optimal shaving, choose quality straight razors.

Hopefully, with the above tips in mind, you will be able to choose a suitable safety razor for you. Once you find it, there will be less pressure and worry on the results it will have on you since you already trust the brand no matter what.

Generac 7043 Home Standby Generator Review

One of the largest air-cooled home generators available on the market, the Guardian generator provides the buyer with all the features that are required in a generator, in addition to an MSRP which gives the lowest possible cost per kilowatt of all air-cooled home standby generators currently available on the market.

The Guardian generator has its many perks. Using the 200-amp NEMA 3R mart switch, it provides the whole house with protection. It also comes with a 5-year warranty.

The Guardian generator comes with a built-in G-Force engine. This is a very vital component of the whole system. It allows the generator to run for days and weeks at a time. The G-Force engine is made up of Automatic Compression Release (ACR) which diminishes drain upon the battery, a robust and durable engine starter designed for up to 10,000 starts, a pressure lubrication device allowing oil to be immediately available for the start of the engine, a heat management device which runs the cooler with a large surface area to maximize heat rejection for extended use, cold smart technology which monitors ambient temperatures to allow the warming up of the engine before taking on the load for cold conditions and finally, a thermal safety switch which can shut down the engine and stimulate an alarm in the event of sub-optimal temperatures. This allows for the aversion of engine failure from excessive heat.

A lot of systems have a problem with the noise they emit. Not so with Guardian generator, as it is equipped with a Quiet-Test Self-Test Mode, which runs at a decreased RPM, which makes the generator a lot quieter and less needing of fuel. The generator is also coated with a RhinoCoat powder-coated finish that enables corrosion-resistant aluminium to perform optimally no matter the weather conditions.

The Guardian generator also comes fully equipped with features which simplify performance tracking for the buyer. The Generac’s Evolution Controller has a multilingual LCD display which enables customers to keep an eye on battery status and track maintenance intervals to give an overview of the operating condition of the generator. But you don’t need to be at home to be aware of the status of the generator. The Mobile Link Remote Monitoring gives the buyer the option of monitoring the generator status wherever they go through devices such as tablets, smartphones and PCs. You are able to access information including current operating status and the maintenance schedule of the generator.

The Guardian generator comes at a price of around $4,899 and has a rating of 4.9/5, with users praising its effectiveness, quiet running and easy start up. Another important factor for buyers is that the generator has given them a peace of mind should there be any event where the power is cut. One user even stated that neighbors are keen to come to their house should there be an event, that’s how much the product is trusted.

Given the robust running processes of the Guardian generator and the high rating given by customers, this is a product certainly worth considering.

A Walk-Through On The Best TV Comedy Series

What is the best treatment for any form of sadness? You can take pills or cry like a little girl, but watching a funny comedy works much better and comes without any side effects involved, except for hysterical laughter. Okay, however sad you might be, there is an old method that can help you out – a cozy couch, a plateful of nachos, and your favorite tv comedy series. If you need some advice on what’s on today, there is a list of the best comedy tv series adored by people all over the world.


As the name suggests, “Friends” is all about friendship, and of course about love, career, big city life, and innumerable hilarious dialogues. Indeed, the scenery changes, people come in and go out. But there are things in this life that remain the same regardless of the circumstances, and one of those things is what we call friendship that was perfectly personified by six fellows in this popular series that has already turned into the symbol of the nineties. The best choice if you feel lonely and lost!

Monty Python and his team

If you are depressed, you would need some heavy ordnance like Monty Python and his team. The craziest sketches for the most hardcore British humor fans will make you feel like killing yourself laughing. Watching this series you won’t be able to think about anything else except the action on the screen, and that’s exactly what we are aimed at.

The Big Bang Theory

These guys have proven that “smart is the new sexy,” and geeks all over the world say their big thanks for that. Four geeky friends share the apartments, grind away at their books and use their neighbor Penny’s help to improve their social connections.

Two And A Half Men

This series has everything you need when you are angry and upset: the lack of morals, tons of witty dialogues, sarcastic remarks, and side-splitting situations. Charlie, a middle-aged jingle-writer is an easy rider; he always gets what he wants. He’s rich, popular, adored by women, and has no commitments, unlike his brother Alan tied with debts and misfortunes. Or you can say thank you for your not being as unhappy and sneaky as Alan and relax.

Watching this television series that everyone should properly enjoy. Sometimes it is easy to start a new television series and not get the full experience the show has to offer. It is just a show, so what all can you possibly miss? There are some ways that you can fail to get the complete glamour of this top tv series. Below is some short guideline to ensure you have the viewing experience of your favorite tv series.

Start watching from the start till the end part-With the tech and internet nowadays you can always watch, skip episodes which are recommended by others.

Always pay close attention to characters development-This best tv series are the ones in which you forget that you are watching something fictional and give the show a sense of reality. In reality, people change in multiple ways. Some people mature as time goes on, and some people change the way that they due to prior events.

Of course, this is not the full list of the best tv series. Nevertheless, we had to choose something out of the list, and these four series appeared to be the best ones not only to us but millions of viewers from all over the world. Someone call the ambulance and tell them we don’t need them here anymore!